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Conference rooms.

Logitech Rally is designed to help you optimise and get the most out of your medium and large conference rooms.


Logitech Rally Room

Conference rooms are where your businesses most critical & important decisions are made, presentations are given and relationships are built with your Global teams & clients.

Logitech offers you modular solutions that can be configured to accommodate any room typed. The Logitech Rally solutions will make your meetings better, easier and will ensure every person in the room can be seen and heard.

Available for Microsoft Teams, Zoom or a BYOD (bring your own device) model.

Logitech Rally - BYOD

£1,882.64 exl.vat

Logitech Rally - Zoom Room Solution

£4,290.00 exl.vat

Logitech Rally - Teams Room Solution

£4,036.80 exl.vat