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Huddle rooms.

Logitech MeetUp is designed perfectly for huddle rooms and other small space, packing big features into a compact form factor.


Logitech Tap Room Solution

Everything you need to build out conference rooms with one or two displays. The Logitech MeetUp is perfectly designed for focus rooms or huddle rooms, minimising cabling and saving space within your meeting rooms.

A compact, all-in-one solution that mounts neatly above or below a display. Place a Logitech Tap on your table or add a wall mount to save even more space!

Available for Microsoft Teams, Zoom or a BYOD model.

Logitech MeetUp Camera

£819.02 exl. vat

Logitech Tap for Zoom Huddle Rooms

£2,814.00 exl. vat

Logitech Tap for Teams Huddle Rooms

£2,961.60 exl. vat


With RightSight computer vision, MeetUp automatically adjusts camera position and zoom to find and frame people in the room. Unlike voice tracking systems that jump from person to person, RightSight frames everyone in the conversation for a more comfortable and collaborative experience.